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VUEcloud is a secure multimedia platform designed for fleet operators that need to access and share CCTV video footage. Upload, View and Share CCTV footage securely; instantly share decision critical information to users anywhere in the world.

Upload. View. Share. Anywhere. EASY.

“Overall the application has been constructed to a very high standard with security in mind, it was not possible to circumvent controls for malicious purposes, malicious injections were handled safely and gracefully”  – Information Security Consultant performing a penetration test, September 2016

Installing CCTV in your fleet achieves nothing if you can’t access and use the footage

VUEcloud is a purpose designed and built secure, cloud based hosting platform that allows users to upload, store and view vehicle CCTV video files. Accident reports, driver training logs and other relevant information can also be managed with associated video footage.

Using VUEcloud removes the need to send video files around company networks, to use memory sticks or to burn countless DVDs. Footage can be uploaded from any networked location removing the need to physically send hard copies in the postal system.

Links can be sent to global or to specific users taking them directly to relevant multimedia files. This is essential for effective Health & Safety and driver training.

Accident links can be sent directly to insurance claims departments, significantly reducing the time taken and therefore the cost of handling accident claims.

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ISO27001 and G-Cloud accredited to ensure secure storage of files

Instant sharing of videos and files to users anywhere in the world

Helps reduces the cost of insurance claims


Insurance claims dashboard reports

Hosted entirely in the UK