Vision Unique Equipment

by | Sep 25, 2015 |

Vision Unique Equipment (VUE) is the advanced vehicle technology company that provides bespoke fleet solutions to suit specific customer’s demands

Vehicle CCTV

VUE has a wealth of experience in building complete integrated CCTV and tracking systems for vehicles. Working with you directly as well as some of the country’s biggest vehicle manufacturers and converters VUE can design, build and deliver plug-and-play systems at all levels.

VUE provide a range of vehicle products, from simple off-the-shelf products such as reversing camera systems, to fully integrated vehicle systems that include cameras, side scanners, tracking and telematics, screens, digital recording, and satellite navigation.


Telematics is becoming a standard solution for managing fleets be they HGV’s, light commercial vans or company cars or a mix of all of these. Originally installed to monitor overall fleet performance fleet managers now see the impact it can have on driver behaviour and as a key information source for their Risk Management strategy.

Combining telematics data with on-board CCTV footage delivers the information necessary to improve road safety and your knowledge of how your vehicles are being used. This underpins a reduction in accident frequency and the associated direct and indirect costs including insurance premiums.

However, equipping your fleet with on-board technology will not in itself resolve your fleets current issues. Having all this data will be next to useless if you do nothing with it and you don’t engage your workforce. That is where it can get hard.

The VUE Advantage

VUE is unique in the market. We go the extra mile with our customers to make sure we deliver on our promise.

The VUE Advantage offers your business a solution that is unique in the market. Our experienced team work with your people to understand your company’s business and priorities, the aim being to deliver both quick wins and sustainable business benefits.

Those benefits include reducing the costs of claims, reducing the risk of harm, reducing incident frequency and retaining and attracting good drivers.

Our professional and experienced team, with backgrounds in fleet operations and risk management, our local technical support team and our dedication to meeting our client’s specific needs stand us apart from the competition.

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Fully bespoke solutions built to suit your fleet requirements

VUE have transport industry and H&S qualified experienced staff

Collaborative approach to work in partnership with you

Dedicated in house Research & Development team

Working with some of the UK’s largest insurance companies

Dedicated customer support service


VUEmatics provides a combined solution of both vehicle CCTV and vehicle tracking and telematics ideal for fleets looking to manage their vehicles via telematics software and also help improve driver behaviour using CCTV.

Our VUEmatics system records CCTV footage complete with other key data such as time, date and location along with vehicle speed and G-Force data. VUEmatics also records when vehicle inputs including indicators and footbrake are activated showing if a driver indicated and/or braked before an incident. VUEmatics also allows the live monitoring of vehicles from any PC or smartphone with internet connection and is able to produce performance based driver score reports and a range of bespoke exception reports.

VUEmatics is the all in one solution providing vehicle CCTV, live online tracking, driver reports and incident notifications

When an event is triggered (i.e. excessive G-Force or pressing the driver panic button) the system automatically transmits 6 seconds of pre and post event video footage to the VUEmatics tracking website. This allows users to remotely see the incident footage combined with all other key data recorded by the unit. The VUEmatics system can also send email alerts so required users are informed as soon as an incident occurs.

Live online tracking of vehicles

Helps improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions

Records vehicle GPS location, speed, date, time and G-force

Allows recording of up to 2 cameras


Generates a range of bespoke exception reports

Records vehicle inputs such as indicators, reverse gear and footbrake

Monitor and improve driver behaviour, saving fuel and reducing accidents

Generates performance based driver score reports


VUEscan and VUEscan rear are the latest technology in integrated vehicle ultrasonics. This digital proximity system works down either side of a vehicle or on the rear as a reversing aid.

VUEscan and VUEscan rear are different from other ultrasonic solutions in that they can be integrated with on board camera systems. This means that the driver has a clear visual aid, via an on screen display, showing where the obstacle or vulnerable road user is, which when incorporated with a camera means that the driver can make clear and quick decisions.

VUEscan has digital sensors which means that if a sensor is damaged the whole system is not rendered useless, the damaged sensor is simply unplugged and changed.

On screen display


Systems for both nearside and offside

Digital sensors

GPS module to activate unit at manoeuvrering speed, no need for a speed module

Up to 16 sensors per system