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reVUE Consulting helps you transform the fleet management data and information into knowledge. Knowledge that can be actioned in your business to produce lasting value and benefit.

Evidenced Based Driver Training

So often we see the results of companies that have invested heavily in vehicle CCTV and tracking technology only to find that after a short ‘honeymoon’ period the results start to fade, the benefits become harder to find and the value of their investment is diminished and even questioned.

Working with our reVUE risk management consultants, our customers implement bespoke programs to improve driver behaviour. Improving driver performance directly translates into a reduction in accident frequency.


Active Risk Management

We use CCTV and telematics data as part of our evidence-based driver improvement programs. This provides practical, actionable recommendations and we advise fleet owners on implementing robust business practices, policies and processes passing on our experience to them in a skills transfer program.

Why is what reVUE does bespoke? Because no 2 fleets work the same. They have different:

  • Risk profiles
  • Resource availability
  • Processes and procedures
  • Work practices
  • Corporate goals

VUE and reVUE are committed to helping make UK roads safer for all users and have published a White Paper for fleet insurers and commercial fleet owners which investigates the impact of combining technology and behavioural coaching to reduce risk on Britain’s roads. Click here to download and read the White Paper in full.

reVUE services include:

  • Road Risk Management Site visits
  • Fleet Risk and Claims Review
  • Evidence Based Driver Training courses
  • Confidential Collision Reports

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Fleet Risk Management Workshop

Highlighting to senior managers the elements of managing driving at work including:

  • HSE Legislation applicable to Driving at Work
  • Understanding HSE Policy & Practice on work related road risk enforcement
  • Corporate Manslaughter & Homicide Act and how it applies to driving for work.
  • Understanding Police investigation process following an incident resulting in death or life changing injury.


Line Managers Module

Line Managers will understand the human factors that impact upon driving performance. The course addresses the thoughts behind ‘at-risk’ driving, how to influence driver behaviour and understand how they can impact upon a driver’s performance day to day.


Driver Debrief Course

An essential course for line managers who will be able to observe camera footage and telematics data knowledgeably and construct appropriate feedback strategies to encourage safe driving behaviour and efficient driving performance.


Fleet Driver Trainer Development Course

To enable fleet driver trainers to provide internal education resources with foundation knowledge of traffic psychology, human performance factors in driving, and coaching skills and the effective delivery of internal driving performance improvement activities.


Bespoke Driver Awareness Course

To raise awareness and self-reflection on driving performance amongst all Company drivers. Using Company specific video footage, to refresh driver knowledge on the risks incurred through their work related driving and provide appropriate coping methods.


Driver Awareness Course – CPC Approved

In addition to the areas covered by the Driver Awareness Course the CPC approved course uses Company specific video footage and aligns it with your Road Risk Policies and claims experience, to refresh driver knowledge on the risks incurred through their work related driving and provide appropriate coping methods.


Incident Review

Independent expert review of film footage after an incident involving your drivers and vehicles. reVUE will conduct an independent expert review of any vehicle incident CCTV footage and produce detailed reports for both your organisation and your insurance provider:


Forensic Collision Report – providing the insurance provider with a detailed description of the incident and a culpability decision. The report will justify the rationale for the decision and will include contraventions of the Road Traffic Act and the Highway Code where appropriate.


Confidential Collision Report – in addition to the information included in the Forensic Collision Report this report provides details on driver performance highlighting those behaviours which contributed to the collision and makes recommendations which can be used in the post incident review to assist in preventing reoccurrence.


Driver Performance Review

Independent expert review of film footage evaluating your driver’s performance. reVUE will retrieve data and footage relating to a specific driver within your organisation and evaluate their performance. The report will highlight areas for concern and make recommendations for improvement.



Fleet Risk Review

The Fleet Risk Review provides motor insurance underwriters with an independent and objective assessment of a client’s susceptibility to a large loss and appetite for risk management.


Claims Defensibility Review

A full site based review of your policies and procedures. reVUE will conduct a detailed appraisal of your organisations operational road risk and internal motor claims management processes and procedures, identifying areas of concern and providing practical recommendations to improve efficiency; all of which will be tailored to the organisation’s needs and will take into account local internal and external resource and current working practices. The claims defensibility review will provide the rationale for all recommendations made detailing the benefits to the organisation once they have been implemented.