The Barrett Steel Group are the UK’s largest independent steel stockholders and as such undertake over 1000 deliveries a day using their own vehicle fleet operating from Scotland to the South of England. As part of the general vehicle replacement programme the opportunity is taken to ensure that vehicles embrace latest technology such as low emission engines, idling cut off, telematics and now CCTV recording equipment.

With a forward facing windscreen camera and two rearwards cameras monitoring the load bed, up to 8 days of continuous recording is achieved. This enables us to capture images combined with telematics data in the event of accidents or incidents, not only during the transit period but whilst the vehicle is loaded and offloaded, a very frequent activity given the number of drops each vehicle completes. In addition, and to enhance the drivers all-round visibility, a reversing camera is fitted which utilises the CCTV hardware and provides the driver with an with image in the rear facing mirror.

Vue were awarded the contract to supply the equipment as their comprehensive knowledge and pragmatic approach to problem solving shortened the lead time to installing and commissioning the systems.