VUE launch VUEscan to help eliminate blind spots


VUE have now launched their latest product in vehicle safety solutions VUEscan and VUEscan Rear.

VUEscan and VUEscan rear are the latest technology in integrated vehicle ultrasonics helping eliminate blind spots on larger vehicles such as Lorries and LGV’s. This digital proximity system works down either side of a vehicle and helps detect obstacles and vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians when the vehicle indicator is activated. VUEscan Rear can be fitted to the rear of the vehicle as a reversing aid for drivers.

VUEscan and VUEscan rear are different from other ultrasonic solutions in that they can be integrated with on board camera systems. This means that the driver has a clear visual aid, via an on screen display, showing where the obstacle or vulnerable road user is, which when incorporated with a camera means that the driver can make clear and quick decisions.

Drivers of larger vehicles face particular challenges especially when manoeuvring in busy urban areas such as London where Lorries were responsible for 78% of cyclist fatalities in London during 2015. VUEscan provides drivers with a complete driving aid solution that can help avoid collisions.

Glen Mullins, managing director of VUE, said: “VUEscan is the latest innovation combining onboard CCTV footage with ultrasonics ensuring drivers get a visual alert when obstacles are in proximity of the vehicle but also a clear view of the blind spot thanks to the onboard vehicle CCTV.”

VUE already work with many of the UK’s biggest commercial fleets to provide vehicle safety products including telematics, CCTV and accident recording systems. VUEscan is now the latest product to help fleets improve their vehicle safety and reduce accidents.

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