MP supports pioneering road safety research


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Road safety campaigner and MP for Manchester Withington, John Leech, has met with Manchester-based reVUE to learn about the pioneering work the company is doing to improve safety on our roads.

Up to a third of all road accidents in the UK involve someone who is at work, resulting in more than 20 fatalities and 250 serious injuries every week[i]. reVUE, which provides driver training to commercial fleets throughout the UK, has developed a White Paper investigating how accidents and risk can be reduced on Britain’s roads.

reVUE uses the data from in-vehicle cameras in order to provide commercial drivers and trainers with evidence-based coaching feedback. Its White Paper looks at the impact of combining technology and behavioural coaching has on driver’s habits. reVUE’s research indicates evidence based driver intervention coaching and the use of cameras and data devices has a positive effect in reducing the frequency of inappropriate behaviours which lead to accidents on the roads.

Mr Leech said: “I am passionate about improving road safety and what I’ve learnt from meeting with reVUE and seeing its research is that commercial driver training must stretch beyond just teaching driving skills. It is coaching style feedback on actual behaviours that has the most impact on reducing risk. It’s not just beneficial for companies wanting to reduce insurance costs and protect employees from fraudulent claims, but also for the general public using our roads.”

Glen Mullins, director of reVUE said: “It’s encouraging to have John’s support on our contribution to helping make the roads safer as it’s close to both our hearts. The research in our White Paper suggests drivers of vehicles fitted with Video Data Recorders (VDRs) who receive coaching feedback take significantly fewer risks when behind the wheel. In fact, we found van drivers are nearly forty per cent less likely to be involved in an incident.

“One of our customers recently implemented our solutions to its fleet of 200 vehicles in London and reported a 36 per cent reduction in accident frequency in 10 months.”

reVUE recently presented its White Paper to the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS)and is continuing to work with other road safety campaigners and transport organisations to help inform Government decisions on making British roads safer for all.

Based in Trafford Park, Manchester, reVUE and sister company, Vision Unique Equipment (VUE) has a turnover of £3 million and was awarded the Highly Commended Fleet Safety Product award at the BRAKE Fleet Safety Awards in 2013.

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