VUE offer a range of bespoke vehicle CCTV and tracking solutions ideal for van fleets. Liveried commercial vehicles are increasingly being targeted by fraudsters in ‘crash for cash’ and ‘crash for ready cash’ scams. Our award winning Video Data Recorder that helps prevent fraudulent and exaggerated claims by recording incident footage along with the vehicle speed, location, time, date and G-force measurements and can also help improve driver behavior.

VUEmatics combines vehicle CCTV with telematics data allowing the live monitoring of vehicles combined with over 30 commonly used reports and alerts such as speed limit reports, driver score reports, POI alerts, etc. VUEmatics can also send FNOL alerts so when incidents happen users are notified and video footage is uploaded to our web based platform for instant viewing.

Liveried commercial vehicles are increasingly being targeted by fraudsters

VUE have a wide range of products suitable for van fleets including:

VDR range which provides CCTV footage complete with time & date, vehicle speed & location, and G-force data along with vehicle inputs such as footbrake and indicators.

VUEtrak is a complete tracking and telematics system providing a comprehensive fleet and risk management tool that allows the live monitoring of vehicles.

VUEmatics combines both CCTV and VUEtrak and ideal for vehicles that require telematics and up to 2 cameras.

VUEcloud is our file management platform allowing you to share video footage instantly and securely with users such as your insurance provider.

reVUE is our risk management consulting service providing driver training courses and also independent expert reviews of incidents using video footage and telemetry data.

See below for a list of recommended products commonly used by van fleets and our relevant case studies and testimonials.

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