VUE have supplied vehicle CCTV and telematics to the Emergency Services for over a decade and have worked with many of the UK’s Ambulance, Police and Fire services along with other blue and amber light bodies such as National Blood, VOSA and the highways agency. VUE have CCTV and telematics devices installed in thousands of emergency service vehicles.

Our systems can be configured to record the activation of additional vehicle inputs such as the siren, blues, and H/L flash so footage shows if and when the emergency response functions were activated. Cameras can also be set to record only in certain circumstances such as on the activation of a panic button which is suited for patient cameras.

VUE have CCTV and telematics devices installed in thousands of emergency service vehicles


VUE have a wide range of products suitable for emergency service vehicles including:

VDR range which provides CCTV footage complete with time & date, vehicle speed & location, and G-force data along with vehicle inputs such as footbrake and indicators.

VUEtrak is a complete tracking and telematics system providing a comprehensive fleet and risk management tool that allows the live monitoring of vehicles.

VUEmatics combines both CCTV and VUEtrak and ideal for vehicles that require telematics and up to 2 cameras.

VUEcloud is our file management platform allowing you to share video footage instantly and securely with users such as your insurance provider.

reVUE is our risk management consulting service providing driver training courses and also independent expert reviews of incidents using video footage and telemetry data.

See below for a list of recommended products commonly used by emergency service fleets and our relevant case studies and testimonials.


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