VUE offer a range of bespoke vehicle CCTV and tracking solutions ideal for the bus and coach industry including our award winning Video Data Recorder that helps improve driver behaviour and helps prevent fraudulent and exaggerated personal injury claims by recording incident footage along with the vehicle speed, location, time, date and G-force measurements.

Buses usually have to maneuver in busy city spaces and have a greater exposure to low speed collisions with other road users. Cameras such as revers cameras can aid drivers and eliminate vehicle blind spots. Internal cameras can be added to ensure passenger and driver safety and also help disprove exaggerated claims from passengers and also fraudulent claims from phantom passengers when incidents do occur.

Our systems help disprove fraudulent claims from phantom passengers when incidents occur

VUE have a wide range of products suitable for bus and coach vehicles including:

VDR range which provides CCTV footage complete with time & date, vehicle speed & location, and G-force data along with vehicle inputs such as footbrake and indicators.

VUEtrak is a complete tracking and telematics system providing a comprehensive fleet and risk management tool that allows the live monitoring of vehicles.

VUEcloud is our file management platform allowing you to share video footage instantly and securely with users such as your insurance provider.

reVUE is our risk management service providing driver training courses and also independent expert reviews of incidents using video footage and telemetry data.

See below for a list of recommended products commonly used by bus and coach fleets and our relevant case studies and testimonials.


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