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The AFE Group is a leading international business specialising in the innovative design, manufacture and service support of professional cooking, bakery and refrigeration equipment for the global food service market employing over 1500 people across 15 locations worldwide.

Their premium brands are some of the best known in the industry and bring together an extensive range of products, offering the very best assurances of performance, quality and reliability to every chef and baker in the Catering and Hospitality Industry – no matter how big or small their kitchen.

AFE Group have chosen VUE to fit their fleet of over 400 vehicles with cameras. Work related driving has been identified by the group as the primary safety risk in the business. The deployment of cameras is part of the overall fleet risk and safety management initiatives to support their drivers. Operating alongside telematics and a suite of driver profiling and training tools, the cameras greatly assist any accident investigation and claims management. AFE Group have already fitted over 150 vehicles with VUE vehicle CCTV and intends to fit all new vehicles moving forward.

AFE have installed a range of VUE solutions across the business which means that each business can fulfil their own specific requirements:

VDR and VDR-S units record high quality images alongside other key data such as time/date, location, speed and G-Force data. Other inputs log braking and use of indicators, which helps monitor driver behaviour.

VUEmatics, VUE’s combined cctv and telematics system, has been installed into the LGV fleet which means that one box provides the business with all their Fleet and Risk Management data where previously two devices were required. Vehicles are tracked live via PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

Following the success of the camera systems AFE Group have recently introduced VUEcloud to the business which is VUE’s cloud based hosting platform that allows users to easily upload, store and view video files with associated media such as photographs and accident reports. VUEcloud enables users to instantly and securely share the information across business locations and with other organisations such as insurance companies, solicitors, and the Police. VUEcloud removes the need to physically send hard copies in the post which significantly reduces the time taken to handle accident claims which in turn reduces the cost.

Nick Webb, Fleet Manager at AFE Group said VUE technology and VUEcloud were introduced to us by our fleet insurance partner QBE. After initial consultations we quickly saw that VUE could provide us with a market leading Fleet and Risk Management solution that could contribute to our ongoing commitment to the safety of our drivers. The VUE team have been quick to appreciate our vision and business needs and offer us a national installation service that suits our country wide operations. The VUE system has also been quick to generate benefits. Camera footage has already helped us to successfully defend several accident claims which has lead to a significant improvement in our overall claims experience. Most importantly, however, we use the camera and telematics data as part of our driver appraisal process sharing with them examples of good driving and drawing to their attention areas where better driving standards can be observed. Using these methods to improve driver behaviour help us to operate a safe, professional and cost effective fleet.

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