“The VUE cameras and VUEcloud portal were introduced to us by QBE who insure our fleet. We quickly saw that VUE could provide us with a very reliable and market leading solution to better administer and manage our fleet safety and more importantly help provide assurance to our drivers that our investment in the system is very much to help them safely to safely undertake the many driving miles that are essential to their work. The VUE team have been quick to appreciate our vision and business needs and offer a national installation service that is ideally suited to our country wide operations.”

Fleet Manager

“Love this – what just took me 2 minutes used to take me hours to do; find a window to burn the CD, put it in a jiffy bag, send it off to our insurer, several times it got damaged and I had to resend it, on top of that I can now send it to several people in seconds” (VUEcloud) – GM Redwing Coaches

General Manager

“We have worked with VUE for a while now and always find them a pleasure to work with. Their systems are modern, reliable and easy to use and the after sales support is fantastic. We would recommend them to anyone wishing to track and minimize the risk to their fleet”

Health and Safety Manager
Afonwen Laundry Group

“We have chosen VUE to supply us with integrated camera systems for our ambulances because of their experience and knowledge of the Emergency Services market. VUE understood our needs and were able to provide a system to meet them. VUE make us feel like a valued customer.”

Regional Head Of Fleet
West Midlands Ambulance Service

“VUE have are an extremely pleasant and helpful company to work with. They give a superb after sales service and I would definitely recommend them to others. VUE also provide very good product training and support.”

Systems Support Officer
Greater Manchester Police

“We have worked with VUE for many years. They originally provided us with the reversing camera kit, eventually incorporating sat nav. We then chose to work with VUE again after an onsite incident. Pleased with VUE’s service and their ability to provide bespoke products, we asked them to design a voice warning system which we now use in all our vehicles.”

National Fleet Engineer