Grundon drives road safety forward with VUE


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THE UK’s largest privately owned waste management company has introduced new technology to its fleet as part of its road safety strategy.

Grundon Waste Management, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of integrated waste management solutions, has installed camera and data recording technology supplied by Vision Unique Equipment (VUE) as part of its plans to increase driver safety and manage insurance costs.

The in-vehicle Video Data Recorder (VDR) technology from VUE means the drivers of Grundon’s purpose-built collection vehicles will have a 360 degree visibility with blind spots eliminated.

Twenty seven of Grundon’s fleet have been fitted with the four camera system (front and rear facing, nearside and offside vehicle) with images displayed live on a screen in the cab. The cameras are automatically engaged by the driver’s gear selection or use of indicators.

Debbie Brakspear, insurance manager at Grundon Waste Management, said: “Driver and road safety is of the utmost importance at Grundon and, with a fleet of large collection vehicles, we wanted an integrated solution which would give our drivers a clear view of the road and their surroundings at all times.

“We initially trialled the system on a few vehicles and, following positive feedback from drivers and excellent results, we rolled out the VUE technology across the rest of our fleet.”

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